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Dancing Korean baby video goes viral

The 'chubby Korean baby dancing' video on YouTube

The 'chubby Korean baby dancing' video on YouTube recently went viral, receiving more than 3.6 million views in two days. Credit: YouTube

If this video of a chubby, adorable Korean baby doesn't make you smile, I'm not sure what will.

Already a YouTube sensation, the video, uploaded by a user called IMAX, has received more than 3.6 million views. The boogying babies are encouraged to dance by a person speaking Korean off-camera.

Move over Psy -- the tiny dancer may be the latest star to come out of South Korea. As soon as the dance song "I Got My Eye On You" by Nari & Milani and Cristian Marchi begins, the little girl swings her arms, pumps her fists and twists to her heart's content. She tries encouraging the boy who serves as her co-star, but he seems less enthused.

Watch the full video of the dancing queen here or click below:

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