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Danny Weinkauf releases ‘Red Pants Band’ kids album

Danny Weinkauf has released his second children's album,

Danny Weinkauf has released his second children's album, "Red Pants Band." Credit: Suzanne Luna

Long Island’s own Danny Weinkauf, Grammy winner and longtime bassist for the band They Might Be Giants, is out with his own second children’s music album this month, called “Red Pants Band.”

The album has 15 tunes, and Weinkauf’s wife, Michelle, and kids Kai, 16, and Lena, 14, also chime in. The tracks include “Only One You,” “Picky Eaters,” “Groovy Red Pants” and “My Magic Helicopter.”

“Once I started writing children’s songs a couple of years back, I didn’t stop,” says Weinkauf, of Lynbrook. “I think there’s a freedom about it. I can write about almost any topic. And a sense of humor is very welcome in children’s music; I like that about it.”

Weinkauf’s previous children’s album, “No School Today,” won multiple awards and included the songs “Champion of the Spelling Bee,” “The Moon Is Made of Cheese” and “Our Love Fits.”

Weinkauf has also written songs for They Might Be Giants’ children’s albums, including “I Am a Paleontologist.” He also produced a video for his song “B Is for Build,” which is scheduled to air on an upcoming episode of “Sesame Street.”

Weinkauf’s children’s band is called the Red Pants Band because, well, during performances the whole band wears red pants. The album is available for $10 via iTunes, and

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