A new car seat addition aims to prevent parents from leaving their children in the back seat when they leave the car. 

The new technology, by Evenflo, connects with the car's onboard diagnostics system to set off a series of beeps, alerting the driver that the child is still in the seat after the car is stopped or the ignition is turned off.

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Gentle chimes also "remind the driver when the chest clip is unbuckled during transit," the product description says. According to Today.com, the alert can be easily distinguished from any other car noise or cell phone ring.

Evenflo says the SensorSafe car seat is the latest addition to its protection series aimed at preventing child vehicular heat stroke, which according to Kidsandcars.org contributes to 38 deaths a year and is often attributed to parents forgetting their kids are in the car. 

The $150 car seat is available at Walmart.com and will be sold in stores next month.

"Our hope is that no one would ever need the SensorSafe system," Walmart director of corporate communications Sarah McKinney told Yahoo, "but the reality is that one child dies [in a hot car] every nine days."