Dads, are you up for the Cheerio Challenge? 

Fathers on social media have been taking part in a simple, yet amusing past time -- just in time for Father's Day. 

Dads are sharing #CheerioChallenge photos of their sleeping children, with stacks of Cheerios precariously perched on their slumbering heads. 

Patrick Quinn, founder of dad-centric social network Life of Dad, came up with the challenge while playing with his newborn son, Maxton. 

"I put on Cheerio on his nose, and then tried to see how many I could stack, and it kind of just went from there," Quinn told BuzzFeed. 

Quinn was able to stack five Cheerios. He took a photo and shared it on Life of Dad's Facebook page, encouraging others to join in. His post had been shared over 28,000 times as of Saturday afternoon. 

"Patience and cunning are keys to victory," Robert N. Smith wrote for a photo of what appeared to be 12 Cheerios stacked on his sleeping child.

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Others got creative, such as Facebook user Ariel Isenberg who balanced a whole box of cereal on top of his child's head. 

"The real challenge of the Cheerio Challenge is stifling your own laughter," Quinn told BuzzFeed. "It's much harder than you think."