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Feeding the kids: 'Frozen' snack ideas

The "Frozen" snack ideas can be found on

The "Frozen" snack ideas can be found on, a blog from a father of three who shares his creative lunch ideas for kids. Credit:

In my ongoing quest to find tasty, kid-friendly food appropriate for the whole family, this week I chose adorable snack ideas based on Disney's "Frozen." I found the recipes on, a blog from a San Francisco father of three who shares his creative meal ideas for kids.

Sven Sandwich

- 2 googly candy eyes
- 2 large pretzels
- 1 serving peanut butter and jam
- 1 slice sourdough bread
- 2 slices whole wheat bread
- 1 piece of nori (dried seaweed)

1. Cut a circle out of the sourdough bread. You can use a cookie cutter or even a kids-size cup to make a perfect circle. Use scraps from this bread to cut two small half-moon shape pieces to go behind the googly eyes. Cut a second smaller circle out of the wheat bread.
2. Make the head shape out of the other slice of wheat bread (a triangle shape with pointy ears). Spread peanut butter on one side and jam on the other. Place triangle bread piece on large sourdough circle with peanut butter side up. Place smaller wheat bread circle on top of triangle piece of bread. Put half-moon bread pieces above the smaller wheat bread circle.
3. Cut three pieces out of the nori, two teardrops for the nose and one smiley piece for the mouth. Place nori pieces on small wheat bread to make a face.
4. Break two pretzels into large pieces for the reindeer antlers. Slide them in between the sourdough circle and peanut butter-covered triangle piece, right above his ears. Finish by placing the candy eyes on the half-moon shape pieces. You can paste them on with peanut butter if desired.

Olaf Banana Snowman

- 1 banana
- 1 pretzel
- 3 raisins
- 2 googly candy eyes
- 1 piece of shredded wheat
- 1 small square piece of marshmallow
- 1 small triangle piece of carrot
- Blue food coloring

1. Slice three pieces off a banana. Make one large, one medium and one smaller. Arrange banana pieces on plate with largest piece on the bottom and smallest piece on top of that. Medium-sized piece will be used for the head. Press one raisin into middle piece and two raisins into bottom piece.
2. On top piece, press googly eyes in toward the top. Draw a smiley mouth with blue food coloring and toothpick. Put small marshmallow square on top of smile for Olaf's teeth. Place triangle carrot nose above teeth. You can also use dried apricot or dried mango instead of a carrot.
3. Poke shredded wheat into the top of banana piece for his hair. Break pretzel into two pieces and slide those pieces underneath middle banana for arms.
4. Finish by cutting off one more thin slice of banana. Cut the slice in quarters and put two pieces underneath Olaf as feet.

Note: You can garnish the plate with snowflake-shaped cookies or chocolate-covered pretzels and serve with hot chocolate.

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