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Fetus flashes thumbs-up in ultrasound

A fetus gives a thumbs-up in this ultrasound

A fetus gives a thumbs-up in this ultrasound image uploaded to Reddit on Aug. 28, 2014. Credit: Reddit / meancloth

You can call this baby the “Fonzie fetus.” 

A baby was caught flashing a thumbs-up in an ultrasound taken last week, and since then that little gesture has gone viral in a big way. 

Uploaded by the father, Brandon Hopkins, to Facebook after the ultrasound, the image then made its way to Reddit, thanks to his brother, HLN-TV reported. 

“Recent ultrasound result looks good,” the soon-to-be uncle posted under the ID meancloth.

Hopkins, from Meadville, Pennsylvania, and his wife are expecting twins come January, according to ABC News. They are expected to find out the sex of the babies soon. Hopkins found out the ultrasound had gone viral when his brother called, saying, “Your babies are famous!”

As the picture spread on social media, the baby was nicknamed the “Fonzie fetus” after Henry Winkler’s cool-guy character on the TV show “Happy Days.”

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