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Fingerlings Baby Monkeys might be the new Hatchimals this holiday

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys hang onto kids' fingers and

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys hang onto kids' fingers and know when they're spoken to. Credit: WowWee

Parents: Did you get shut out of the Hatchimals craze last holiday season? If you don’t want to go through that again, you might want to consider picking up what may become this year’s hot holiday toy: Fingerlings Baby Monkeys.

Members of Facebook parenting groups on Long Island are already advising fellow parents to buy Fingerlings and put them aside before demand overwhelms supply. “Get your hands on a Fingerlings Monkey — it’s already starting,” reads one such comment.

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys from WowWee hang onto kids’ fingers and know when they’re being touched and spoken to. They come to life with 40 ways to play and 50 sounds to let everyone know how they are feeling. They make realistic monkey sounds and have blinking eyes and a curly hanging tail. Six different color Fingerlings retail for $14.99 each.

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