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First birthday party trends: Royal themes take the cake

BabyCenter reveals new trends in first birthday parties.

BabyCenter reveals new trends in first birthday parties. Credit: iStock

It's hard to believe Prince George will be turning 1 on Tuesday. Many U.S. moms will be eager to see how the royal family plans to celebrate.

BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource, found that many parents plan to spend $300 or more on their child's first birthday. Based on what moms are saying in the BabyCenter Community, here are the latest trends for first birthday bashes:

Crowns: Prince and princess themes never go out of style -- and with royal fever heating up again, the theme is hotter than ever. There are endless options to help plan a royal celebration for your baby -- from cupcake toppers to crowns and tiaras.

Smash cakes: Moms are taking this trend to the next level. Cakes are becoming more creative, with custom birthday candles, decorative banners to adorn highchairs and more. Moms are even dressing their children in special smash cake outfits (ties for the boys and tutus for the girls).

Custom chalkboard posters: These days, moms love DIY projects, especially for their little one's first birthday. Many parents are displaying their baby's milestones for guests, using custom chalkboard posters as centerpieces.

#FirstBirthday: Social-savvy moms are creating Facebook and Instagram accounts for their baby to serve as digital baby books -- even before their baby is born! Some moms splurge and hire a professional photographer to capture the day.

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