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First-day-of-school ideas from LI parents

You can send your little one off to

You can send your little one off to school with a sweet message on a Zookies lunchbox. Credit: Handout

We asked, you answered! From time to time, we'll be reaching out to you on Facebook, asking you questions and publishing your responses. Here's what you had to say:

What are some cute things you do for your children on the first day of school to help ease them back into the school year?

Write them a sweet note and put it in their lunchboxes. --Diane LaMura

Not that it's "cute" but they start getting up earlier this week, just to get back into the routine. Then, when they get home on the first day, I have homemade cookies ready and waiting when they get off the bus. --Jennifer Bauer Brojer

I'm not a parent (I'm 17!) but my Mom makes me my favorite dishes for the whole first week of school, and even drives me there (I generally take a bus or train to school). She even lets me hang out with my friends late (like until 10 p.m.). --Savannah Laura Rivera

Finishing up summer reading and book reports, reminding each other what we did over the break, start getting back into a routine two weeks before. I start buying back-to-school supplies weeks ahead of time. I also ease back into earlier bedtimes. I help my son set goals for the school year. --Barbara Brindisi

We do a 7-day countdown and open a little something special each day. The last day I usually give my girls a little charm or something cute for them to have with them in school so they can think of Mommy when they look at it. This way they know I'm thinking of them, too! --Aimee Maher Py

My daughter is starting kindergarten next month so I signed up for Juntos al Kinder/Together to Kindergarten at the Long Island Children's Museum. It's a great program, my daughter loves it! --Dolly Ramirez

My daughter used to take her snack in a paper bag so I would put her name on it with hearts & flowers. She would tell me everyday what color markers to use. --Ruth Okon

I used to leave little love notes in my daughter's lunchbox, or in her planner. --Virginia J. Ciccotto

I write a little note to my son on his lunch napkin. We also paste a family photo inside his folder so he can see us anytime he is feeling homesick. --Christine Sokol

A kiss and a hug and tell them I love them! --Elaine DeCarlo

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New parent survival guide: What things/products got you through your first few months at home with your new baby?

Here's what I have to say: The Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper -- it allowed us to get a few hours of sleep as this was the only thing my daughter would sleep in!

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