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Chalkboard-style signs marking first day of school get more elaborate

Jack Ozechowski of Bellmore with his first-day-of-school sign

Jack Ozechowski of Bellmore with his first-day-of-school sign for nursery school last year.

Parents, get ready for the chalkboard onslaught — and we’re not just talking about blackboards in classrooms. Over the past few years, first-day-of-school photos posted on social media have featured kids holding chalkboard-style signs detailing the year’s grade in school, favorite foods, what they plan to be when they grow up, and more., an online marketplace for people who make and sell specialty goods, has seen a 43 percent surge in the number of searches for first-day-of-school signs in the past year, says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert. “This is something that is clearly trending,” Johnson says. “I think it’s because more and more parents are sharing on social media, and they want to make that experience special to their kids.”

Teresa Ozechowski, 34, a radiology technologist from Bellmore, purchased such a sign for her older son, Jack, when he started nursery school last year at age 2. It displays his teacher’s name, the date, that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up and that his favorite things are hammers and chicken nuggets. “I figured then I could use it every year,” Ozechowski says. “I plan on doing it every year as long as he allows me to.” The back of the chalkboard says, “Last day of school” so she can also use that at the end of the year to see how he’s grown, she says.

Some of the back-to-school signs look like chalkboards but are actually posters printed onto poster board that children can hold in photos. Those are personalized before being printed out and can only be used once and then kept as a keepsake. They run about $10 each.

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