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First lady Michelle Obama encourages kids to exercise

First Lady Michelle Obama in the East Room

First Lady Michelle Obama in the East Room of the White House filming the new Sprout-produced Let's Move! PSAs with Chica, star of Sprout's "The Sunny Side Up Show," and Sportacus from "LazyTown." Credit: PRNewsFoto/Sprout

In an effort to encourage kids to get active, first lady Michelle Obama teamed with Sprout, a 24-hour preschool television channel, and the "LazyTown" television series to promote healthy lifestyles for preschoolers.

The Let's Move! public service announcements, designed for children ages 2 to 5 and their families, were filmed in the East Room of The White House. The three announcements feature the first lady, Chica the Chicken, the host of Sprout's "The Sunny Side Up Show;" and Sportacus, a larger-than-life action hero from the "LazyTown" series, which can be seen each day at 2 p.m. New York time on Sprout, and on Saturday mornings on the new NBC Kids segment.

"Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each day to grow up healthy and strong," said Obama in a news release. "That's why it's so important that kids get an early start on being active. Sportacus, Chica, and all their friends at Sprout are helping us inspire our kids to get moving at an early age and have fun doing it, which will help them build good habits to last a lifetime."

The Let's Move! announcements focus on physical activity, healthy eating and the importance of play with 30- and 60-minute spots which include:

-- "Remember Play" highlighting adults having fun playing games that they loved as children, including riding a tricycle and hopscotch. The first lady delivers a message about the fun and importance of families getting active for at least an hour a day.

-- "Duck, Duck, Chicken" features a game of "Duck, Duck, Chicken" with first lady Michelle Obama, Chica the Chicken, Sportacus, preschoolers and their parents.

-- "Chicken Reporter" showcases Chica the Chicken interviewing the first lady about her favorite way to be active while she hula hoops with kids and Sportacus.

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