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'Fishing Kids' book series

Cover of "The Monster of White Bear Lake"

Cover of "The Monster of White Bear Lake" by Mike Holliday. Credit: Handout

Fishing kids can enjoy a new series of mysteries featuring their favorite pastime.

The "Fishing Kids" series, written by Stuart, Fla.-based charter-boat captain Mike Holliday, is geared for youngsters ages 6 to 10. Holliday, an outdoors writer who also has written several Florida fishing books geared to adults, knows his audience. The 51-year-old father of three takes his offspring fishing every chance he gets.

"I try to instill in them an appreciation for the fish and the environment," he says. "I teach my children to handle fish with respect, to place them gently in the water, not throw them back, and to make sure they're revived before they release them."

The heroes of the series are two 10-year-old boys from Minnesota named Steve Pinner, aka "Spinner," and Bobby Ernest, who goes by the nickname "Bobber." They first appear in "The Monster of White Bear Lake" and then resurface in his second book, "The Mystery of Porpoise Point," which takes place in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

The heroine, 11-year-old Coral Skye, loves to fish and snorkel and once landed a 45-pound mahi-mahi. "She's a spunky, independent, outdoorsy girl who knows all the best fishing spots from trips with her dad," Holliday writes. "She's tough, smart, compassionate, creative and has a never-give-up attitude."

Each book, available through fishingkids .com, has fewer than 100 pages, which makes them ideal to take along on a summer road trip; each costs $5.99. A third adventure, "The Pirate of Creole Bay," takes place in Louisiana, where the boys meet a new friend called Shrimp.

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