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'Frozen' baby name trends: Elsa, Sven on the rise

According to BabyCenter, more babies are getting "Frozen"

According to BabyCenter, more babies are getting "Frozen" character names, such as Elsa and Sven, are on the rise. Credit: AP

The Disney "Frozen" effect strikes again. First it was adorable (and sometimes hilarious) renditions of the movie's hit songs on YouTube. Then, people were spending thousands of dollars on "Frozen" toys and dolls, and travel to Norway increased over this past year as well. Now, even parents can't 'let it go.'

BabyCenter reviewed a database of more than 555,000 names and it appears "Frozen" is inspiring moms to be. Since the film was released, the name Elsa jumped 34 percent (from being number 278 in 2013 to number 183 in 2014). What's more, the name Sven is up 41 percent and both Kristoff and Hans increased 40 percent. Anna is up by 5 percent. Although the name Olaf didn't make it into the top 400, there was a 4 percent increase.

"These are creative, strong character names that are giving moms some fresh, new baby-name options, especially Elsa," said Linda Murray, BabyCenter global editor-in-chief. "We've seen Emma in the top 10 for quite some time now, and Elsa is a modern alternative that our moms are gravitating toward."

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