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Funny things parents ask the pediatrician

In "When Parents Worry," pediatrician Henry Anderson discloses

In "When Parents Worry," pediatrician Henry Anderson discloses some of the funnier questions he's gotten from parents. Credit: Handout

Need a chuckle? Some of the anecdotes in “When Parents Worry: The Real Calls Doctors Receive … from Moles That Seem to Move to Funny Smelling Poo” (AdamsMedia, $12.95) can be downright humorous.

Unless, of course, they hit too close to home and you find yourself recognizing your own neurotic parenting worries among some of the questions parents have asked of Dr. Henry Anderson, a former pediatrician in New York City who wrote the book.

Here are five samples from Anderson’s mini paperback:

- “Betty ate cheese from a mousetrap from which the mouse also ate. Is that anything to worry about?”

- “I was changing my child’s diaper, and he peed in his own eye. I’m panicking. Is he going to go blind?”

- “The school nurse keeps sending our son home and saying he’s sick. We told her that he saw the doctor and everything’s fine, but we didn’t really come in to the office. Now she wants a note from you. What should we do?”

- “My son stuck a BB pellet in his ear, but the emergency room doctor checked and said it’s not there anymore. Could it have fallen into his brain?”

- "I dropped off my son's urine sample in a Tupperware container. Can you please give it back when you're done?"

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