Good Morning
Good Morning

Gentlemen prefer moms

Saying goodbye is not always easy.

Saying goodbye is not always easy. Credit: iStock

Since becoming a mother, the worst part of my day has been leaving for work. During the school year, Harrison, my son, gets on the bus before I hit the road. That’s actually better for me because he’s leaving me. I am not leaving him. But in the summer, I dread leaving him behind each morning, even though I know he will be well taken care of.

One day last week, he made it so much easier to say goodbye.

As I grabbed my things to leave, I wondered why he was lingering at the front door until I realized that he was holding it open for me.

“Awwww, thank you, Harrison!” I shrieked. The smiling 8-year-old looked pleased with himself.

As I landed off the stoop, he let the door swing close. I hugged him, and then he made a pronouncement.

“I am going to walk to you to the car.”

I nearly fainted as we held hands and strolled to the driveway.

I gave him a big kiss on the top of his head -- no lipstick stains left that way -- as he sat in the front yard and waved goodbye.

I was a happy Mommy that day.

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