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Flemish Giant rabbit to appear with Megyn Kelly and Corbin Maxey on NBC’s ‘Today’ show

Long Island Game Farm's Chela Novak holds Gabriella,

Long Island Game Farm's Chela Novak holds Gabriella, a Flemish Giant rabbit. Credit: Long Island Game Farm

Long Island’s own Flemish Giant rabbit named Gabriella will be a star for a day on Friday when it appears on the “Today” show on NBC.

Gabriella, who was donated recently to the Long Island Game Farm in Manorville, will appear with animal expert Corbin Maxey during host Megyn Kelly’s 9 a.m. hour.

“We wanted to feature something with a ‘wow’ factor,” Maxey says. Gabriella is amazing because she is so big — she tips the scales at 15 pounds. “When I saw the actual bunny, it was shocking,” Maxey says. “Just the size. They are the largest rabbit breed in the world.”

Gabriella will appear along with five other animals, Maxey says, including a two-toed sloth named Albert Einstein and a tamandua anteater named Gus.

The Game Farm has gotten Gabriella gussied up for the close up. “We just trimmed its toe nails and bathed it,” says Game Farm co-owner Melinda Novak.

Flemish rabbits were originally bred for food and fur, which is why they are so big, Novak says. “People don’t want to hear that,” she says. “They’re just the cuddliest things.”

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