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Give kids' bedrooms a spring makeover

Here's a unique way to store your children's

Here's a unique way to store your children's art, from Jack and Jill magazine. Credit: Handout

As spring approaches, it's the perfect time for children to reorganize and revamp their rooms. I found these easy, crafty ways from Jack and Jill magazine. to help them decorate their living space. Here are five ideas to try today:

* Consider the rule of art Hot-glue gun clothespins to the front of a ruler. Then, thread a ribbon through pre-drilled holes (see image to the left). This unique way to display art, awards or homework is even better than the refrigerator.

* Reinvent household items The tennis ball buddy is perfect for holding keys, jewelry, towels or notes (see image below). Kids, along with a parent, cut the "mouth" using a box cutter, then glue on googly eyes to complete the face. To hang your new buddy, just open the mouth and hammer a nail through the ball into the wall.

* Pick unique items Collect and repurpose old pieces. Paint a vintage china cabinet the same color as the child’s walls, line it with some really fun wrapping paper and fill it with new and vintage books and magazines.

* Be organized and imaginative The Slinky Desk Mate (see image below) helps children tidy up their desks. Children can link together the ends of a Slinky, store pencils in the middle and display photos or notes between the coils.

* Use space efficiently Organize a room where a child can sleep, work and play. If the room is small, every piece of furniture has to do double duty.

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