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GoldieBlox hopes for another viral video encouraging girl engineers

GoldieBlox hoping for another video hit.

GoldieBlox hoping for another video hit. Credit: GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox – the California-based company geared toward getting girls from ages 4 to 9 interested in engineering – is out with another video it’s hoping will go viral.

The company had phenomenal success with the video it launched in November, which featured a Rube Goldberg-style Princess machine built by girls bored with the toys such as princesses and dolls offered in “the pink aisle.” It’s garnered more than 1.8 million views to date. The young company also won a Superbowl commercial.

This newest video (watch below) features a girl stating, “This is your brain on princess,” as she sends an egg decorated with makeup, long hair and a crown careering through a contraption using wheels, axles and other engineering tools. The egg stops along the way next to signs featuring STEM statistics such as “girls lose confidence in math and science as young as age 7” and “only 13 percent of engineers are women.”

The company launched the video in time for Easter -- hence the egg -- hoping parents will include a GoldieBlox kit in their daughters' Easter baskets. GoldieBlox kits feature a girl inventor named Goldie, who builds simple machines to solve problems in her life. Each kit comes with a book starring Goldie in the midst of a situation. In “GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank,” for instance, Goldie struggles to give her uncooperative dog, Nacho, a bath, until she invents a dunk tank for him. In building the kit, girls learn about hinges.

"We created this video to showcase the creativity of our toys but, more importantly, to shine a light on some pretty staggering statistics within the world of STEM,” Debbie Sterling, an engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, told Newsday in an email. "Fun, thought-provoking videos have been a huge component of the GoldieBlox narrative, and we think they continue to be a great way to get our message and mission out to a lot of people. If this video is able to encourage our girls to challenge not only themselves but also societal norms, then we’ve done our job."

What do you think of the latest video? Click below to watch.

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