Rockabye Baby, which makes lullabies out of popular artists' music, has released an album using heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Counterintuitive as it may seem, the lullabies meant to soothe baby include Black Sabbath titles "Children of the Grave" and "Electric Funeral," $16.98.

Begin Smart specializes in books for babies, including new titles such as "My Little Baby," meant for newborn to 6 months old. The board book is "touch and feel," and shows adult and baby animals and the sounds they make, $9.95. Begin Smart also is expanding into books for toddlers to age 3.

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Baby's First-word stories DVDs focus on simple vocabulary words to help babies turning 1 learn language. "House," 30 minutes long, is one of the choices, $12.99 at

The Padalily is a cushion that attaches with Velcro around an infant car seat handle, making it more comfortable for parents to carry in the bend of their arms. Comes in a variety of patterns and colors, $26 at