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Guess new Oreo flavor and you could win $50,000

"Smells like cereal," said one Long Island mom

"Smells like cereal," said one Long Island mom of the new Mystery Oreo cookie. Credit: Oreo

Nabisco has released a new Oreo cream flavor — and you’ll have to taste a cookie and guess what it is. Guess right and you could win $50,000.

Newsday offered some kids, moms and colleagues samples from a package of Mystery Oreos and their guesses included bubble gum, cinnamon and even Froot Loops cereal.

“Kind of tastes maybe like orange or lemon,” said Ali Senior, 9, of Centereach.

“Smells like cereal,” said Ali’s mom Heather. “I think Froot Loops.”

“Fruity Pebbles,” offered mom Joy Truberg of Centereach.

“What do you mean it was fruity?” said Truberg’s son, Gavin, 9. “It was cinnamon.”

Mystery Oreos went on sale Monday, and fans can submit their flavor guesses through Nov. 30. Those who submit the correct flavor will be entered for a chance to win the prize. Every Mystery package is the same flavor, and every cookie in the package is the same flavor.

Mystery Oreos are available nationwide for a limited time in the 30-cookie package, which has a suggested retail price of $4.49. For more contest information, visit

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