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Heidi Klum talks kids fashion, motherhood and fave LI spot

Heidi Klum unveils her Truly Scrumptious collection at

Heidi Klum unveils her Truly Scrumptious collection at Babies R Us in Manhattan. (Aug. 15, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

As a mother of four, supermodel and “Project Runway” host, Heidi Klum, knows a thing or two about children's fashion — which was her inspiration behind designing her Truly Scrumptious line, exclusively for Babies R Us.

The whimsical collection, hitting stores Sept. 15, includes plush toys, bedding, diaper bags, furniture and clothes, sizes newborn to 5T, featuring googly-eyed monsters and dinosaurs, her sons, Johan and Henry's, favorite things, and tutus, something her daughters, Leni and Lou, love.

“In the future, I'm going to have my son Johan do some of the monster drawings on the T-shirts for the boys,” she said at the Truly Scrumptious launch event in Union Square last week. “He's a great artist and has a great imagination.”

The fashion icon, wearing a Michael Kors dress and Alaia shoes on the pink carpet, spoke with about Truly Scrumptious, being a working mom and her favorite things — her kids.

Q. How did you come up with the name “Truly Scrumptious?"
"I heard it in the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.“ It was always a favorite of mine and I thought the name was fantastic for a children's line because children are truly scrumptious, especially when they are dressed in adorable clothes. When I looked it up, I was shocked that the name was available.”

Q. What does the collection mean for your career?
“For me, it is something that I enjoy doing. I like to design. I really enjoy making things, I always have. I love being creative — I draw, take photos and rip things out. I'm always looking for new ideas and I wanted to find one place where I could do it all.”

Q. Can you talk about the diaper bags and how they are designed specifically for moms?
“I never really used a lot of diaper bags because they always looked too 'kid' but I wanted to create new ones that were more fashionable and cool for mom. The ones I designed have a great print on the inside so it's brighter and you can find everything, but the outside is cool and stylish. I also made some great pouches -- that you can fill with wipes and a diaper -- that you can use, for example, when you're at a restaurant so you don't have to lug all your stuff with you to the bathroom.”

Q. With four kids, how do you balance it all?
“I think if you're working and you do have a child you have to give yourself a break. I don't think you can beat yourself up over sometimes not being there, say when your child loses a tooth. At the end of the day you have to be a happy mom, too, and everyone has to figure it out for themselves what that is. I enjoy to work and I enjoy to be at home. I think we have to roll with the punches. You just have to embrace it.”

Q. What's your parenting style?
“Some days Henry wants a 'fro, then he wants a mohawk, then he wants color on the mohawk and then stars etched in. He sees say a basketball player who has a star or strip etched in his hair and he says, 'Mommy I would love to have that.' I'm OK with letting them try things, whenever it's not dangerous or harming to them. It's part of experiencing and finding themselves. If it was something unhealthy, I wouldn't let them do it.”

Q. What's trending with your kids right now?
“My kids are really into tongue tattoos. It comes in some cereal boxes and you can also buy them. It's like a sticker and you stick it on your tongue and you have a tattoo. They love the bug tattoos. They're really into that because they think it's funny. A few of my kids want to take gymnastics after watching the Olympics.”

Q. What's one of your favorite things to do when you're in New York?
“We went to Splish Splash (in Calverton) twice. Splish Splash is awesome! We've gone to Broadway shows, the Empire State Building, rode the double-decker bus, went to the Museum of Natural History — we love New York.”

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