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Help save the Breast Milk Baby doll?!

The Breast Milk Baby dolls support and encourage

The Breast Milk Baby dolls support and encourage breast-feeding, according to the company. Credit: Handout

The company responsible for the controversial doll, the Breast Milk Baby, that allows children to mimic the act of breast-feeding, is asking for your help.

Berjuan Toys, the maker of the first breast-feeding dolls, has been struggling for more than a year to introduce them into traditional retail channels in the United States.

The doll, which comes with a halter top (intended for young girls to wear), features colorful material with two flowers positioned where nipples would be. When the doll's mouth is brought close to a sensor embedded in the flower, the baby makes motions and sounds consistent with suckling.

Many parents are up in arms when it comes to the doll, with some saying it's forcing kids to grow up too quickly, while breast-feeding advocates feel it helps teach young girls nurturing skills.

So the company is looking for your help to raise awareness and to help keep the dolls in the United States. According to Dennis Lewis, the Breast Milk Baby doll ambassador, from now until Christmas, Berjuan Toys is offering a 50 percent discount if you purchase the doll on by using the promo code XMAS.

In addition, the company says for every doll they sell until Christmas, they will contribute $5 to support local grassroots breast-feeding initiatives.

What do you think? Does this doll teach young children or is it inappropriate? Share your comments below. 

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