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Help save your family's favorite Monopoly token

Monopoly game pieces.

Monopoly game pieces. Credit: iStock

Cast your vote on which Monopoly game piece should be locked in jail forever!

Hasbro has launched a contest to see which of the pieces in the iconic family board game is least loved and should be jettisoned from the game board. You can help wave goodbye to the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow.

Voting is a bit counterintuitive – you choose which piece you like best to make sure it stays in the end. (I chose the hat. It just seemed so dapper and captains-of-industry-ish.) The piece with the least votes at the end of voting on Feb. 5 will be excessed.

Voters also get to choose a piece to replace the loser: a robot, cat, helicopter, guitar or diamond ring. I vote for the ring – guess I’m a sucker for bling.

Kids can vote, too, and everybody can vote once per day. Go to a Facebook page called “Save Your Token” to vote. Make sure you’re on the official Monopoly page.

On Feb. 15, a limited edition of the game will be released with all the old and new tokens included until supplies run out; the new edition of the game will be released in the fall.

Most of the old tokens have been with the game since it was launched in 1935. Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were added in 1952.

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