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Hess Toy Truck 2019 revealed

The 2019 Hess collectible is a pair of

The 2019 Hess collectible is a pair of tow trucks with a flatbed carrier that transforms into a heavy-duty tow truck and a faster rescue towing truck. Credit: Hess Corp.

Every holiday season, there is one toy that appears on the wish lists of many kids and adults: Hess Toy Trucks. This year’s truck is the first-ever pair of roadside-assist vehicles, which feature realistic sounds, more than 60 LED lights and more.

The bigger, flatbed carrier truck comes with two different towing options, a two-tier extending tow arm with a double hook, a wheel-lift tow that extends from the back and buttons on the roof that activate engine, horn and backup alert sounds. There's also a hidden ramp that pulls out and creates hydraulic sounds. Kids can rev up the truck's smaller towing partner, which is equipped with a three-tier tow arm, double hooks, multi-terrain tires and more.

Additionally, Hess will provide the 4th edition free downloadable curriculum, with seven STEM lessons featuring the new truck.

The 2019 truck is available for purchase exclusively at for $35.99. It comes with free shipping and six batteries.

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