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Hess reveals the Toy Truck Mini Collection for 2018

Hess revealed the 20th anniversary Toy Truck Mini

Hess revealed the 20th anniversary Toy Truck Mini Collection for 2018. Credit: Hess Corporation/Bret Wills Studio

The Hess Toy Truck Mini Collection is back for 2018.

To celebrate the mini brand’s 20th anniversary, this year’s edition includes three throwback trucks: The 1970 Hess Toy Fire Truck, the 1977 Hess Fuel Oil Tanker and the 1988 Hess Toy Truck and Racer. Each truck has working lights and a detachable play base. The Racer comes with a pullback motor. This is only the second year Hess included more than one mini in a package.

The collection is on sale for $26.99 at and comes with free standard shipping as well as Energizer batteries.

The Hess Corp. will celebrate its 85th anniversary by releasing a special limited release Collector's Edition Toy Truck on Oct. 1. A month later, the 2018 Hess Toy Truck will debut for the holiday season.

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