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How I made our morning routine better

Time to get up! Close up of alarm

Time to get up! Close up of alarm clock. Young woman in the background stretching arms above head and yawning. Xopy space Credit: iStock / diego cervo

It started on a school morning when I tried to get Harrison to smile as he argued about wanting to stay in bed. As he pulled the blanket over his head, I jumped in front of him and in my hammiest karaoke voice belted out, "Thank God it’s Friday.”

He pulled the cover off his face and smiled faintly. I was on to something.

“Let’s make this our Friday ritual,” said Harrison, who by this time had transformed back into his joking, fun-loving, normal self.

It wasn’t a stretch to come up with the idea of choosing songs to help lubricate the rest of the week’s morning routines. Searching for such first-light anthems provided a peek into the 10-year-old’s tastes.

“Manic Monday” was a no-brainer for him (“I wish it were Sunday, ’cause that’s my fun day”), although I think the video of the ’80s-licious girls in The Bangles helped him make the choice for the dreaded first day of the school week. Despite its sometimes sophisticated lyrics, I made an executive decision and chose “Humpty Dance” for Wednesdays. Harrison finds the chorus irresistible to sing on Hump Day. Passing on tunes by Jim Croce and Country Joe and the Fish for Thursday, he liked a jazzy song by Charlie Hunter but wanted something with words.

So we did some YouTube searching and came up with a absurdly juvenile children’s song called, appropriately, “The Thursday Song for Kids.” We analyzed the 37-second video by the children’s group Dream English and memorized the lyrics (“Thursday, Thursday, I’m so happy it’s Thursday, throw, throw, throw the ball …”) and are now having fun doing our own absurdly mocking version.

Now back to Tuesday. Any ideas?

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