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How kids can offer holiday help in the kitchen

There are lots of ways kids can help

There are lots of ways kids can help out in the kitchen this holiday season. Credit: Bruce Gilbert

'Tis the season for entertaining, which means you'll probably be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Since little ones love to help, Katie Workman of the Mom100 blog and cookbook created this list of age-appropriate kitchen activities for kids ages 3 and up.

You'll love having the extra set of hands (no matter how small), and the time spent together is sure to create some special memories.

Kids 3-5:

-Pour, dump, stir and sprinkle ingredients and spices you have gathered together.

-Whisk the eggs for breakfast.

-Wash the potatoes with a scrub brush or scrub gloves for little fingers.

-Take out the pots, pans, measuring cups and bowls you need.

Kids 5-7:

-Cut soft vegetables with kid-safe knives.

-Knead bread or roll the dough for pie crust.

-Cut out cookies.

Kids 7-9:

-Start working on math and chemistry lessons at this point. And if you don't know the answer to some questions, get them on the computer looking it up! What does baking soda do to a recipe? What is the difference between unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate? Why does flour thicken the gravy?

If the idea of getting them in the kitchen during the thick of it is too much, there are a lot more things kids can do to help and get involved:

-Make a menu on an easel or for each place setting.

-Take guests' coats.

-Pass out appetizers on a plastic tray.

-Take drink orders.

-Take photos-- imagine the narrative your photos will tell when taken from their perspective! It will be the best holiday recap you've had.

-Help with clean up!

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