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Good Morning

How would you respond to this email?

Messages sent online via social media have become

Messages sent online via social media have become a prime source of cyberbullying, experts say. Credit: iStock

A funny thing happened on the way to the supermarket the other day — or at least, I thought it was funny.

There I was, sitting in my idling car in the driveway on Mother's Day weekend, waiting and waiting and waiting for my 8-year-old son to come out of the house (OK, it was only 5 minutes), when I check my email on the iPhone and get this message:

“Dear Mom, I am not going to the supermarket. Love, Harrison”

It was even more cruel because getting in and out of the car hasn't been so easy these days. I am wearing a cast on my right leg for a stress fracture in the heel. The cast has to be removed or put back on with each trip in and out of the car.

The only response I could eke out was, “OMG,” which I am not even sure he knows the meaning of.

I called Dad, who made him come down, despite Harrison's protests. But I wonder whether I should have not let it go so easily.

With that, I ask, parents, how would you have responded?

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