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Huggalo: A working parent's best friend

The Huggalo doll ($24.95; features a soft

The Huggalo doll ($24.95; features a soft photo frame that easily allows you to slide a picture that reminds your child of your love. Credit: Handout

Some days, heading off to work isn't easy. At 16 months, my daughter is just starting to realize I'm about to leave and clings to my leg. Once we give her a snack or a toy, she's usually fine, but oftentimes I'm not — I feel guilty.

So when I stumbled upon a Huggalo doll, I was sold! You simply slide a picture of yourself, or other family members, into the stuffed animal's soft photo frame so that your child knows you are always with him or her, whether you're at work, away for the weekend or even when your child is at a sleepover or camp.

The Huggalo doll was invented by a mom, Donna Broder, to help her son deal with preschool jitters. I think this is such a nice idea not only for kids but for parents, too. Your little one can literally "hug you" all day. My daughter, Maggie, hugs hers often (see picture below) and will even tell you who is in the picture.

There are many different styles (ballerina, superhero) and even a Camo Joe and Flo, dolls specifically designed to help military families. Huggalo dolls are $24.95 and can be found on

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