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'I'm pregnant!' How LI moms announced their big news

Long Island moms share their stories on how

Long Island moms share their stories on how they announced the news that they were pregnant. Photo Credit: iStock

Before I was pregnant, I use to dream up creative ways I'd tell my husband, Jason. We both were equally excited to become parents I really wanted to make it special for us. We had been trying for a few months and on July 7, 2010, I woke up not feeling like myself. I went to work and decided I'd take a test when I got home. I guess a woman's intuition is right because there I was, sitting in my bedroom, holding a stick that read "pregnant."

I immediately started crying, I jumped up and down, paced the hallways, bursting with a happiness that I just can't explain. Jason was working late that day, so I took a few more tests, just to be sure. I didn't have time to plot out a surprise so I found wrapping paper and wrapped up two of the tests. I sat by the window like a little kid on Christmas morning waiting for him to come home.

As soon as he walked in, I handed him my gift and said "I saw this and thought about you, I think you'll like it." I intently watched him as he opened it, wondering what he was thinking, knowing our lives suddenly changed for the better. He didn't quite get it at first but when he looked at me I smiled and started crying, and he knew. It was such a special day I will never forget.

Every expectant mom has a story and I wanted to find out how others announced their big news. So I reached out to our Twitter and Facebook fans and asked them to share their stories of how they told their loved ones they were expecting. Grab a tissue, these are some great experiences!

Cupid's surprise
Actually my husband was the one to call and tell me I was pregnant. The doctor's office was supposed to call me at 3 with the results but he couldn't wait. So he called my doctor and then called me with the results. That was Feb. 14, 2000; we ended up having twins!
-Christy Casagrande Feola, via Facebook

Text it
I texted my family a picture of a nursery set, baby clothes, etc. until they caught on. LOL.
-Melody Marrone, via Facebook

Big sister stunt
I had my oldest daughter, who was 1 at the time, walk into my mother's house with a shirt on underneath her jacket that said "Guess who's going to be a big sister?" I kept her jacket on for a good five minutes before my mother was like "Why is this poor kid's jacket still on?" She then took the coat off and found the wonderful news. Sadly, I miscarried at 5 months, but telling my mother and seeing the look on her face was priceless. Since then we were able to conceive one more and now I'm the proud mother of two beautiful little girls.
-Jessica Sheehan Priola, Farmingville

An Irish blessing
After a trip to Ireland to meet my husband's family, we came home with a possible "bun in the oven." A month later we stayed at the Fitzgerald, an Irish hotel in New York City for my birthday. I had taken a home pregnancy test a couple of days before and it was positive! So I bought a pair of baby boy and baby girl shoes, along with a plain brown box. Once we got to the hotel, my husband excused himself to the bathroom and I quickly grabbed the box and set it on the table. It took a few minutes to notice it and he thought it was left by the last guest. He opened the box, saw the shoes and looked over at me. I couldn't help but smile and he immediately knew! His expression was priceless; the night was amazing and we were blessed nine months later with our beautiful Irish princess, Kayleigh Mae Murphy.
-Katie Johnson Murphy, Nassau County

Belated birthday gift
I wrapped a baby bottle in birthday wrapping paper and told my husband I just found one of his gifts I misplaced. Surprise!
-Joyce Minnerly Davis, via Facebook

'Grand' mail
A few years back when my daughter was expecting our very first grandchild, she gave me a birthday card from the baby and it was signed, "see you in nine months grandma!"
-Carol Kosark Southard, via Facebook

A good deal
I was in the hospital getting my seizures monitored. We were playing cards and I told him he should write 'Daddy' instead of his name on the scoring papers. I told my Mom with a card titled, "To Nana."
-Ellamarie Johnson, Mastic Beach

Seeing double
When I was pregnant with my son, I simply walked into the computer room/office and said to my husband, "Look at this, I think I'm seeing things." He looked at the test and sure enough saw the two lines and said "Yep, I think I'm seeing things as well." We were shocked and so excited. We invited our parents over a few nights later and gave each mom a late Mother's Day gift. I took pictures of my HPTs (LOL) and framed them as the gift. It was awesome; the reactions were priceless! With my daughter, I told my husband "I'm pregnant. Going to buy a test." A little while later, sure enough, got the two lines. We just called our parents, but, to announce it to the rest of friends/family we had our son change into "PJs" (his big brother shirt) and see who would notice first. It took everyone a little while before one of my girlfriends finally said "Awww what a cute shirt . . . wait . . . Oh My God...You're pregnant!" I wish I had all the reactions on video -- it was awesome!
-Dawn Wick Brynes, via Facebook

Say it with a sono
I made my husband a card and taped the positive test onto it. For my parents, I gave them a Christmas card with a photo from my first sonogram with a message balloon attached to it saying "see you in 9 months."
-Kimberly Siemasko Somers, via Facebook

Sneaky scavenger hunt
I set up a scavenger hunt for my 4-year-old daughter in the house. I had my husband take her through it and the last clue led to his pillow which had the positive test. Since we had a 5-month-old as well, he was shocked. Shortly thereafter we found out we were having twins. Since it was October, I had a shirt made with two pumpkins that said '"Grandma and Grandpa's Dozen" (they are the 11th and 12th grandkids) and that's how we told my family.
-Nicole Barraco Valente, via Facebook

Picture this
My husband was working but I couldn't wait for him to get home to take the test. So when it came back positive, I took a picture of it and texted it to him. Needless to say, he was extremely excited!
-Kristin Mirando-Gelzinis, via Facebook

Spring fling
We were expecting our fourth child, a boy after three girls, and I wanted to wait until after I had an amniocentesis to share the news with my mom. It was Easter day and we brought over an Easter basket for my her with some chocolate candy and one plastic egg. Inside the egg were the results of the amnio, just as we had received it from the doctor. In other words, somewhat hard to decipher if you don't realize what you are looking at. When my mom opened the egg, she had no clue what it was. My husband, myself and my three daughters (ages 12, 10 and 4) sat on the couch in excited anticipation of her figuring it out. She saw the word "male" and asked if it was something about my brother. Then she asked if it was something relating to my husband. She could not, for the life of her, figure out what it was. Finally we had to tell her and she was so excited! My mom has since passed away, but it is one of the really fun memories we have of her.
-Donna Barth Regensburger, via Facebook

A memorable bouquet
We received a bouquet of flowers and the card said, "Dear Grandma and Grandpa, can't wait to meet you in January." It's a moment I will never forget.
-Debra Tubito Cherpock, originally from Oceanside

Digital announcement
I called my family but I took one of those digital tests and texted them a picture of it saying "pregnant."
-Janet Marino Whalen, via Facebook

Creative cousin
I made a onesie for my niece that said "I'm going to be a big cousin." It took a while for my in-laws to even realize what it said, but the result was amazing!
-Kristen Kearns Burke, Malverne

Family fun
For my brother, we gave him a belated wedding gift that was a onesie that said "If you think I'm cute, you should see my uncle." For my parents, we waited until their anniversary and wrote "Happy anniversary Grandma and Grandpa" on the cake. My mom cried!
-Leslie Kolstein DiChiara, Wantagh

Big brother tee
I took a picture of the pregnancy test and texted it out to our families. I also took a pic of my son in a "Big Brother" shirt and emailed that out to friends and family.
-Kristyna McMahon Acerno, Sayville

Baby daddy
We told my parents, brother and sister by showing up to a breakfast with my hubby wearing a "baby daddy" T-shirt I had made. I waited for someone to notice and question it. We told his parents with me wearing a T-shirt I had made that said "little bambino on the way" (they didn't notice so we had to ask them to read the shirt). We told our friends via text message of my hubby in his T-shirt.
-Maria Lazzinnaro-Condello, New Hyde Park

Holiday cheer
I bought small "stones" in a local Irish store that said "grandma," "grandpa," and "godmother." I wrapped them up for Christmas and gave them to my family. They each still have them.
-Maureen Ryan, Brooklyn

Shell shocked
I was still on the toilet when I called my husband ... I couldn't believe it!
-Bonnie Kandell, via Facebook

Bun in the oven -- literally
It was the first cold night of the season. I made chili and had buns in the oven toasting to fill with chili and cheese. My husband came home and I asked him to get the buns out of the oven (the pregnancy stick was on the cookie sheet with them -- on a napkin of course!).
-Nicole Perrotta Treanor, Levittown

Sock it to me
I went out and bought a pair of those baby socks that say "I (Heart) Daddy" on them. I wrapped them up and made him open it when he got home. I told him they made me think of him at the store ... he looked so confused so I said you are going to be a daddy!
-Deirdre Remy, via Facebook

A grateful dessert
We showed an image of our ultrasound on a iPad to everyone on Thanksgiving during dessert. I'm not really into the cheesy sentimental stuff.
-Laura Ryan Moakley, via Facebook

Apple of my eye
I made a onesie with an Apple logo "ibaby" printed on it. I'm a huge Apple nerd, so it was appropriate!
-@Effie1025, West Babylon

A rockin' gift
My husband and I told my father-in-law by giving him a gift bag with a card that said "Grandpa, hope to rock with you soon. Love, Baby" and inside we put a onesie that said "Sleep all day, Pottie all night." He put the onesie on his chest saying it didn't fit and then it hit him that he was going to be a grandpa. The onsie was appropriate since he's the drummer for the tribute band Ozzmossis.
-Madalyn Totoro , Freeport

Good fortune
My husband and I were so excited to tell our family we were pregnant! This would be the first grandchild on both sides so it was an exciting time. We decided to tell everyone on my husband's birthday. He requested Chinese food for dinner so we decided to have custom fortune cookies baked with a message inside that said "We're having a baby." I swapped out the regular fortune cookies with our special ones before anyone saw. We waited until everyone ate dinner (the longest wait ever!). After dinner, we passed out the cookies and no one said a word! My sister was the first one to open it and read her "fortune." She screamed and just started hugging me and everyone was so confused. We then told everyone to open their fortunes, too, and finally they all caught on. It was one of the best moments ever. We had a baby boy March 2010 -- he is my world!
-Lisa Szchur, East Patchogue

A true miracle
When I was pregnant with our first child, I had my husband go to the doctor with me not knowing why. He thought something was wrong but my doctor knew I wanted to surprise my husband. When we got into the exam room, I pulled a package out of my bag and gave it to him. He opened it and stared at it for a moment. It was a picture frame with 3 boxes; one had his picture, one had mine, and one was a random baby picture. He teared up with a great big smile on his face. Our first child was a true miracle -- we were told we could never have kids. My husband was ill and due to his illness, [we thought we] couldn't have children. When we were expecting our second son, we told our family on New Year's Eve by having our 2-year-old give everyone a gift to open and they had to open it all at once. They were confused at first. The gift was a baby doll -- they got the picture!
-Connie Kenter, Riverhead

Third times a charm
Funny how this question came up. I've been contemplating all week how to share the exciting news with my spouse, that, once again, we're expecting! So my plan goes like this: I bought a pink and blue balloon which I tied around a neutral rattle that said "Soon to be dad of 3" and I put them in our car, stuffed into a plastic shopping bag and into an oversized reusable bag which I will present to my husband during dinner. This is our third and may be our last pregnancy, and I want it to be memorable!*
-Melissa K., Islip Terrace
*Update: He was totally surprised!


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