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I See Me! personalized children's books

I See Me! books are personalized stories featuring

I See Me! books are personalized stories featuring your child's name and birthday. Prices start at $32.95 and can be purchased on Credit: Handout

Walk into my house on any given day and you'll be bombarded with toys. My 21-month-old daughter has so much "stuff," I'm almost dreading the holidays, which will bring even more. 

My husband and I decided not to overdo it with toys this year, and since there are days she chooses books over toys I figured I'd restock her bookshelf instead. 

I found the website, which allows visitors to create books based on their own children. Here's how it works: 

Once you choose the theme of the book (think holiday, birthday, etc.), simply enter your child's name, birthday and gender, and the site does the rest. You can also add a personal inscription, which can be found on the first few pages of the book.

We received "My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook" the other day, and it's as if the book was created just for my daughter. Each letter of her name becomes one of the princesses' character traits (for example, "g" for generous), ultimately spelling out a beautifully illustrated story. I think it makes the perfect gift for little ones. 

Prices for the I See Me! books start at $32.95 on

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