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Infant baby 'works out' with Dad in viral video

Michael Stansbury of Lakeland, Tennessee posted "The Lilly

Michael Stansbury of Lakeland, Tennessee posted "The Lilly Ann Workout" video to YouTube and it received more than 1 million views. Credit: YouTube

Planks and push-ups? Eh, not so cute. Watching a 7-month-old 'work out' with Dad? Adorable!

Michael Stansbury, a father of four from Lakeland, Tenn., recently posted a video on YouTube titled "The Lilly Ann Workout." As of today, the tot's workout has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Today Moms reported that Stansbury's wife, Deidra, was doing a workout DVD when Lilly Ann started mimicking her mother's exercise moves. "We thought it was hysterical," Stansbury said. "We took a couple pictures of it and one day I decided to get down on the floor with her and the iPad and just see what she would do and mimic her movement."

Take a look at the adorable video below.

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