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It's the little moments that make parenthood great

I'm feeling a sense of pride as I

I'm feeling a sense of pride as I watch my son grow into a man. Credit: iStock

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a slightly zany commercial where Mom finds herself befuddled by behavior around her.

I recently left my almost-11-year-old son at home by himself to run to the store. When I returned, I saw him through a window of the house sitting quietly on the couch. I assumed he was on his iPod Touch. As I approached, I realized that the television wasn’t on, the Wii was silent and his iPod was nowhere near. I came in, and discovered he was reading his book, the third title in the Narnia series.

My next “hmmmmmm” moment came one Sunday morning when I had allowed myself to sleep in a bit. I awoke to find Harrison in the kitchen holding an apple under running water.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Having an apple,” he said.

I followed him to his desk, where there were dirty dishes. The fruit was his last course for the breakfast he had made for himself in the microwave: hash browns and bacon.

But it was this next moment that almost seemed like a mirage, only it happened in the Poconos in an air-conditioned hotel lobby. After a stroll, as I was entering the hotel where my husband’s family reunion was taking place, I noticed a young man walking with a woman. He slowed down to step behind her as they approached a door and held it open for her.

Yup, it was Harrison, who is now just about his great-aunt’s height. When she mentioned it later, and then other relatives reported that he made the same gesture for them, I was prouder than when he has come home with As on exams.

My boy is growing into the man I hope he will become and always be.

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