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January named germiest month, survey says

According to a Wet Ones survey, 1,000 parents

According to a Wet Ones survey, 1,000 parents declared January to be the germiest month. Photo Credit: Fotolia

Whether your kids are home sick or you get caught in a sea of coughs and sneezes in a store or at work, one things for sure, many kids (and parents) get sick in January.

In fact, according to a new survey, 1,000 parents with children in grades K-6 declared January to be the germiest month of the year. The Wet Ones Germ Report Card, conducted by Wakefield Research, found one in three kids will catch four or more colds this year, with 84 percent of parents saying their child picks up the most germs at school this month.

The survey also found more than 90 percent of parents admitted to witnessing their child engage in “dirty habits” such as blowing their noses on their clothes (50 percent) or eating food off the floor (48 percent). The biggest offenses, though, happen in the bathroom, with 85 percent of parents reporting their children forgetting to wash their hands after using the bathroom, admitting that it likely happens more frequently when they are not around.

Parents can help prevent illness from January germs by practicing healthy habits. Sure, most parents say they encourage their kids to wash their hands (93 percent), and say they clean household surfaces regularly (79 percent). However, there are plenty of things parents aren't doing that can help keep their families cold-free:

— 68 percent don't feed kids leafy greens
— 62 percent don't encourage exercise
— 45 percent don't keep wet wipes handy

To help keep germs at bay, experts suggest keeping hands clean, eating immune-boosting foods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and yogurt, and keeping your family active.


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