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Jedi, ChiChi, more unusual baby name trends from BabyCenter

BabyCenter revealed the most unusual baby names of

BabyCenter revealed the most unusual baby names of 2015. Credit: Fotolia

Jedi and Twinkle top BabyCenter’s most unusual names of 2015. Names like ChiChi, Frooti, Story and Primrose also made the list.

According to BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital platform, 43 percent of parents reported choosing unusual names in an effort to make sure their child stood out from the crowd. A small group of parents turned to unconventional places for baby-naming inspiration.

This year, parents took their cues from favorite movies (Swayze, Orson, Inigo), fashion (Armani) and yoga (Drishti). Others looked to literature (Atlas, D’Artagnan) or godly figures (Oden, Apollo, Messiah).

BabyCenter polled more than 340,000 parents who had a baby in 2015. Here are some of the most surprising, creative and uncommon names given to babies (note: Each name was given to a least three children this year):

Some unusual baby girl names that made the list: Arantxa, Bentlee, Diem, Harmonee, Hephzibah, Huxley, Jazz, Mafalda, Nyx, Psalm, Rogue, Storm, Tulip, Valkyrie and Zi.

Unusual names for boys: Arrow, Blade, Brix, Cedar, Eustace, Hannes, Jaeger, Krithik, Miggy, Mir, Pi, Remi, Tergel, Wael, West, Zyan.

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