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New Jell-O Play kits encourage kids to play with their food

A Jell-O Play Ocean build + eat kit.

A Jell-O Play Ocean build + eat kit.  Credit: Jell-O

For the first time in 121 years, Jell-O's new toys let kids play with their food.

Known for its jiggly, wiggly and colorful gelatin and pudding products, the brand recently unveiled the Jell-O Play kits. The edible toys can be shaped and built with easy-to-make activities and themes such as jungle safaris, ocean explorations, construction sites and sky adventures. The Jell-O pieces are made with a special recipe to allow for thicker, more stackable blocks.

Children can mold Jell-O shapes with the Build & Eat construction kits that can be stacked and combined, while the Play Cutters kits come with cookie cutters in a variety of fun animal and nature shapes. Other play kits (Edible Sand and Edible Mud) include safe-to-eat stickers so kids can decorate their Jell-O designs.

The Jell-O Play kits cost less than $5 and are available on Amazon and at Target stores. Kits can be found in more retail stores throughout the summer.

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