The fourth time a baby cried on a recent JetBlue flight from JFK to Long Beach, Calfornia, the entire plane burst into applause.

That’s because, in honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue decided to recognize one of the most challenging situations for parents: flying with their babies. It’s so hard in part because crying babies annoy adult passengers.

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So JetBlue made this deal with passengers on board Flight 213 on April 15: Each time a baby cried during the 5-1/2-hour trip, everyone on board would get 25 percent off a future flight on Jet Blue, up to a maximum of 100 percent.

“People smile at babies everywhere, except on planes. For Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge how moms (indeed all parents and caregivers) often feel stressed while traveling with children,” Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue director of brand management and advertising and mom to a toddler herself, said in a news release about the one-time-only event. “We hoped to shed light on how hard it can be to fly with a baby and show how a little caring, even a simple smile, can really help improve the situation for everyone.”

So with the fourth cry, all 140 passengers earned a free ticket to anywhere JetBlue flies, good for one year. Watch the video, called FlyBabies, here: