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Jokes explained in kids' flashcards

"Just for Laughs" teaches kids why jokes are funny, using specific examples on laminated cards. Credit: Handout

Do you find that your child has a hard time understand jokes? “Just For Laughs” helps kids ages 8 and older understand multiple meanings in jokes.

For instance, can you explain why this joke works? “Q. What did the bald man say when he got a comb for a birthday present? A. I’ll never part with it.”

How about this one: “Q. Do you know why the waffle iron was invented? A. Sure. For people with wrinkled waffles.”

Each of the 100 laminated cards in this deck has a different illustrated joke broken down on the back of the card.

For the first joke, the card explains how the joke is funny because of the double meaning of “part.” Of course the bald man will never part with the comb because he has no hair. But also he will never part with it – meaning he will never give the comb away.

For the second joke, the two meanings of iron are explained – that it’s an appliance for making waffles and an appliance for smoothing clothes.

I gave the deck to a colleague who adopted her now 10-year-old son from Russia when he was 7. She said they went through about 10 of the jokes, and her son only understood the most obvious meaning of each one. After she explained the secondary meaning, then he would smile and say he got it. "It's helpful for kids who need language skills, especially those for whom English is their second language," she says.

Order the game for $24.95 at, 800-277-8737.


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