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Kid-approved books: 'Bugged,' 'Game Over, Pete Watson'

"Bugged: How Insects Changed History" (Walker and Company, $17.99) Credit: Walker and Company

So many books cross my desk. Here are two recent titles that so captured my 10-year-old son’s attention that he read them in one long sitting each:

-It wasn’t that author Sarah Albee also penned “Poop Happened! History of the World from the Bottom Up,” although that street cred helped. No, her recent new book “Bugged: How Insects Changed History” (Walker & Company, $17.99) engaged my son right away with its true tales of how insects have altered the path of time. Alexander the Great, for instance, is thought to have died of malaria. “If so, then a tiny mosquito took down one of the most powerful men who ever lived,” Albee writes, putting it all into perspective. It is just one of hundreds of facts that pack this entertaining, graphically pleasing book.

-Joe Schreiber’s “Game Over, Pete Watson” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $16.99) managed to work its way into my son’s summer reading, between the last Harry Potter book and “Call of the Wild.” The story is about a boy who goes on a mission to save his father — who is trapped inside a video game. The dialogue is terrific, as are the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”-like spot illustrations. The book set Harrison off on a mid-summer literary bender of Minecraft fan fiction on his iPod Touch. I'll take that.

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