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Kids and grandma can play new backyard game

Canz is a new backyard game in the

Canz is a new backyard game in the Zume Games line from Escalade Sports. Credit: Handout

My family can always use another addition to our arsenal of backyard and beach family games, so I was excited to test out Canz, a new competitive outdoor game from Escalade Sports’ line of Zume Games.

It was super easy to set up -- merely insert sticklike legs into a pop-up fabric cylinder to keep the cylinder sturdy.

Then, players each get three soft, rubberlike “cans” -- either neon green or red -- that look like empty tin cans without the tops and bottoms. Players toss them with the goal of either landing on the rim of the cylinder – one point – or getting the “Canz” inside the cylinder’s center target. You can toss them like a football, throw them overhand, toss them underhand, or lob them like a horseshoe.

We faced off first in the backyard. I have to admit that my 83-year-old mother-in-law whooped me at this game -- she ended up with 11 points to my six at the end of game one. Then we took Canz to the basement, since the company advertised that it could be played indoors or out.

I was again the loser -- this time to my 15-year-old son. The cans were soft enough that when they hit our mirrored wall I didn’t even flinch.

“It tests your accuracy, and it’s challenging,” said my husband. And Grandma had this to say: “Kids can’t get hurt with it, which I like.” The game is advertised for ages 8 and older.

The lightweight game breaks down and packs into a black carrying case, making it easy to transport to picnics, barbecues, family parties or the beach.

The only minus: The suggested retail price is $89.99 at However, Dick’s Sporting Goods had Canz for sale on its website for $59.97.

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