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Kids can learn math during NFL Football

Kids can learn math while watching the football

Kids can learn math while watching the football game with dad. Credit: iStock

Put Dad to work during the football games! He can teach the kids math while they watch the Sunday games together. Here’s how, says Laura Overdeck, mother of three and the founder of Bedtime Math:

Practice addition and multiplication. Every time your team scores, ask your younger kids to calculate the new score by adding six points for the touchdown and one point for the kick. Ask older kids to practice multiplication – one touchdown and extra point are seven points, two touchdowns and extra points times seven are 14 points, etc.

Introduce the concept of statistics. Create a colorful graph on a posterboard, and use it through the season to track stats about your favorite team and players. At the end of the season, calculate the number of yards each player ran or the touchdowns each team scored.

Measure yards. Just about everything in football is measured in yards. The field is divided into 10-yard increments. Passes, runs and distance needed to get to the next down are all calculated in yards. Teach your kids the concept during the game, and then head outside and measure out your own 10-yard lines. Practice passing and running, helping your kids keep track of the number of yards they travel or throw.

Bedtime Math was founded by Overdeck earlier this year, providing parents with a nightly math problem to do with their children, adapted for various age levels. Visit

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