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Kids' haircut salons on Long Island

Whether your child is born with a full head of hair or is as bald as can be, there will come a time when he or she will be ready for that first haircut, an important milestone to mark off in your childs baby book.
Theres no doubt many young children are afraid of getting their first haircut. After all, theyre draped in a cape, squirted with water and a stranger with scissors is talking to them.
If you have visions of your child kicking and screaming at the salon or barber shop, you can rest easy. Here are just some of the many places on Long Island that feature special incentives for kids of all ages, such as cars and trucks for kids to sit in, cartoons, movies, video games, toys and more. Most of them offer a little something extra for parents, too a keepsake certificate with a lock of hair from their very first haircut.
--Compiled by Jennifer Berger