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Kids visit mall Santas across LI

Leia Hong, 2, visits with Santa at Roosevelt

Leia Hong, 2, visits with Santa at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City. (Dec. 13, 2013) Credit: Jeremy Bales

Judging by the never-ending lines to see Santa at Roosevelt Field and Walt Whitman malls, it's clear that people still believe. Here's a sample of some folks who shared their Christmas wishes with us during their pilgrimage to see ol' Saint Nick.

NAME James Walter


HOMETOWN East Meadow

CHRISTMAS WISH James is a big Batman fan, so when it comes to Christmas, his mind is in Gotham City. "I want a Mr. Freeze cave and Commissioner Gordon with his police car," he says. "I need them for my collection."

For his Dec. 12 birthday he received a Gotham City Jail and a Batman doll that's "almost as big as he is," says his mom, Maureen, 48. She says he often plays with his twin 17 year-old brothers.

As for her own Christmas wish, she says, "I want a new car; any SUV would be good."

NAME Luke Russell


HOMETOWN Massapequa

CHRISTMAS WISH Luke doesn't have to think long. "I want a monster truck -- a Turbo one, and a robot to go in the truck," he shouts with glee, as if he's been waiting to say it out loud all year.

He's the baby of the family, says his mom, Antoinette, 49, so "he gets a lot of love and attention."

Luke already has plans to drive his monster truck with a remote control around his house "running over stuff." Mom's wish? "I simply want health and happiness for my family," she says.

NAME Peter Thompson III


HOMETOWN Uniondale

CHRISTMAS WISH Peter's a busy guy. He's multitasking while waiting on line to see Santa at Roosevelt Field, focused on battling video game bad guys on his tablet. But he takes a quick break to address his Christmas list. "I hope Santa gives me 1,000 toys!" he says with a sly smile. Then we get into specifics. "I want Skylanders . . . the ones that can blow up, shoot and make fire!"

But there's more.

"My wish is for kids that don't have anything to receive something . . . right, Poppa?" he says, looking at his father, Peter Thompson II, 41. Poppa nods in agreement.

NAME Lindsay Paez


HOMETOWN Bellerose

CHRISTMAS WISH When it comes to Christmas, Lindsay is going for comfort. "I'm looking for a SeatPet," she says, explaining "it's a stuffed animal on your seat belt that prevents red marks on your neck in the car."

But Lindsay's about to get an even bigger gift this Christmas: she will meet her grandfather for the first time. "My father is coming from the Dominican Republic. I haven't seen him for 10 years," says Lindsay's mom, Julie. " We're all excited."

NAME Shay, Kasey and Zach Brymer

AGE 6, 4 and 4


CHRISTMAS WISH The Brymer bunch has a lot of energy and big smiles. When it comes to Christmas wishes, Shay, as the oldest, takes the lead. "I want a Lalaloopsy with button eyes that I can play and sleep with," she says.

"Me too! So we can play together," sister Kasey adds enthusiastically.

Zach has his own ideas. One word: "Transformers!"

Mom, Linda, 57, is simply happy to see their hometown back on its feet after superstorm Sandy. "We are dry this year and that's a good thing," she says. "Our boardwalk is back and it looks amazing."

NAME Alexa Shekian


HOMETOWN East Northport

CHRISTMAS WISH Alexa admits that she got some gifts early in the season, such as a giant stuffed teddy bear and a bean bag chair, so her Christmas wish is a simple one.

Says the 9-year-old: "I just want everyone to have a good year."

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