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Kidsday chats with Selena Gomez and Joey King

We interviewed actresses Selena Gomez (Beezus) and Joey King (Ramona) who star in the “terrifical” movie “Ramona and Beezus” when they were in Manhattan a few weeks ago.

Joey, when you cried at Picky-Picky’s burial. Where they actually real tears?

JOEY: They were actually real tears because I pretended like the situation actually happened to me but it was a dog instead of a cat. Because I’m more of a dog person. So they were definitely real tears. That’s what I did.

Joey, when there was a kitchen fire in the scene where you were home alone was it real fire and was the scene fun to film?

JOEY: It was definitely real fire and the scene was very fun to film. Selena and I had to pretend to get mad at each other, which is pretty hard to do because we love each other in real life. Yeah, that scene was a lot of fun to film.

Selena, did you really have to cut a hole in house for that one scene?

SELENA: No actually. That was the constructors. They went there and actually did that to the house. They built an extra part of the house and then they knocked it down. So they built it only to knock it down. Which was fun.

Joey, can you tell us more about the pea scene when your baby sister Roberta spit at you?

JOEY: When Roberta first was teasing me I was petrified to do that scene. I was very afraid and nervous so I had the director do it first for me and she said it was disgusting. She didn’t help my situation better. And the air pressure machine was hard. So can hurt a little bit, but it was a very disgusting scene in the film.

Selena, did you yourself actually do the glitter on Joey’s shirt or did someone else do it for you?

SELENA: We did it. We got to spend a couple of seconds doing it ourselves. We got to add it during the scene. So when we were putting it together we got to put the glitter on, which was actually really messy actually when I think about it, everywhere. And we weren’t allowed to touch our face because it would get on our face and it would be glitter and glue and would be bad.

Selena, what was your favorite scene to film in the movie and why?

SELENA: The bedroom scene. When I go and ask Ramona to come sleep with me because I don’t want to be alone
JOEY: Ramona gets scared of the dark.
SELENA: So she wants to be with me and I really like that moment because it’s a really sweet moment for sisters.

Selena, how is like to work with Joey King. Is it different from working with other younger stars?

SELENA: Yes very different, I think so. She’s very sweet and she’s actually more mature than I am. She’s really fun to be around. She accepts me and she makes me feel better every time I call her and ask for advice, she’s really wonderful.

Joey, were you a fan of Selena's before "Ramona and Beezus"?

JOEY: I was a fan of Selena’s, but I never got starstruck by her because my mom always told me, she’s a person as well as you, so she does everything that you do. She brushes her teeth in the morning, so does any other star like, let’s say, Brad Pitt for example. She does everything you do to get ready in the morning and wake up. So I don’t really get starstruck.

Joey, how would you describe playing Ramona?

JOEY: I would describe playing Ramona was very interesting. Because she’s such an interesting character, she’s her own person, she’s very outgoing, very huge amount of energy. I really enjoyed playing her.

Selena, we know you’ve become very good friends with Ramona, but I want know do you become friends with people you play friends with in the movies and are you still in contact with your friends back home?

SELENA: Absolutely, yes. One of the best parts about my job is I’m able to meet new people and meet new people that I want to be in my life as my friends or get to know after working. And Joey’s one of them. But I do stay in touch with friends that I’ve known since third grade and since I was 5. So I think it’s nice to have a balance of both. It’s really nice to kind of have someone that could relate to me and then to have someone who goes to normal school and goes through other issues that I may not be familiar with.

Joey, do you have any siblings? If so, how do they feel that you are a celebrity and how old are they?

JOEY: I actually have two older sisters. One 16 and one 18. They’re very proud of me that I’m getting to be more known. They’re always supporting me as well as Selena is too.

Did you read the Beezus and Ramona books when you were younger? If you did, what was your favorite one?

JOEY: I did read the Ramona books when I was younger, but also I read one before I found out I got the movie. But after I found out I got the movie I read all the other ones and I really liked them.
SELENA: Yeah, I read them in third grade and then when I found out about the projects they sent me all the collections of Ramona. So I went and read back all of them. And we got to pick some of our favorite moments in the movie. They were already a part of the movie, which was very nice.

How do you prepare for your auditions?

JOEY: Well me and my mom actually go over lines together, so that’s how I prepare. How I memorize lines, the lines just when I read them, I just read through them briefly and then I read it through like deeply and they just go in my brains. And that’s how I prepare for auditions.
SELENA: For auditions I usually read them by myself, go over them, try to find characters that I’ve watched in the past or other actors who maybe played a similar character, or find different characters and make them into one. Then I try to figure out my own twist on it. So it’s all in trying to find a character and being really comfortable with it and then just going in and doing your best.

Joey, when you act, do you prefer to relate to the character or do you like to play someone unlike you?

JOEY: It depends because I like to play a lot of different people. I like to play people who I’m not and I also like to play people like who I am and I like to relate to characters. So I can’t really pick a favorite.

Joey, is it easier to get into one type of a character than another?

JOEY: Actually, no. It’s all the same really because whatever character you’re playing you have to get into that moment just like you would with any other character.


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