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Overcast 35° Good Afternoon

Kidsday goes to the Pop-Con concert

We went to the Nassau Coliseum to see the Pop-Con concert on Saturday.

We interviewed the band Days Difference and singer Vita Chambers. We also watched other performers. The concert was six hours!

Downstairs there was a "Meet and Greet" areas set-up to meet the performers if you purchased a V.I.P. ticket. There were also booths set-up advertising products and performers logo items.

Our favorite booth was the YoYo Lip Gloss booth. We sampled the lip gloss and did a photo shoot modeling our lip gloss. We also purchased a lip gloss which was on a YoYo and attaches to your clothes, pocketbook or backpack. It was really cool and the product felt and smelled great.

Our first interview was with Days Difference. They were very welcoming. One thing they told us was they one day want to be able to headline a concert here at the Nassau Coliseum.

Then we interviewed Vita Chambers. She opened up the Pop-Con concert and sang her single "Young Money." She also sang "Like Boom." She was very nice and answered all our questions graciously.

While we were interviewing both performers, crowds of fans started to surround us and the bands. It was very exciting. After we were done with our interview, Days Difference and Vita Chambers signed autographs and posed for lots and lots of pictures.

We liked this concert because it was so different from other concerts we have been to. There were different artists and different genres of music. The last three performances were the best. They were Selena Gomez, Days Difference and Justin Bieber.

Stephanie thought the best part of the concert was Justin Bieber's performance. Victoria agreed with her. Brooke's favorite part was the opportunity to be at the concert.

Thank you Kidsday, we had a blast!

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