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Kidsday interviews actor Kyle Massey

Actor Kyle Massey with Kidsday reporters, from left,

Actor Kyle Massey with Kidsday reporters, from left, Janis Ciuffini, Austin Bodurian, Nickolas De Dios and Kayla Leiss at the Disney Store in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We interviewed TV star Kyle Massey when he was visiting the Disney Store in Manhattan recently.

We know you’re involved in the animated series “Fish Hooks,” and we want to know: How is playing for acting different from playing for voice-overs?

Well, it’s a lot different. When you’re preparing for acting, you’re preparing mentally, physically with your face, with your body. The whole lot. But when you’re preparing for animation, it’s just your voice. So you have to really act with your whole body just through your voice. It’s easier, but at the same time, it’s more difficult.
What made you get involved with the Starlight Children’s Foundation? How did you become an ambassador?

We’ve been ambassadors, my brother and I, we’ve been ambassadors for Starlight for quite some time now. We just saw what the organization does, what they do that actually affects the kids, actually helps people. So we just decided to give it a shot.
What was one of your favorite dance moves, or one that you picked up quickly, when you were on “Dancing With the Stars”? Can you show us how do it?

It would be the moonwalk, and it is on this thing, which is the moon, and I did a moonwalk. Take two fingers like this . . . .
Tell us one thing about “Dancing With the Stars” that we didn’t see.

One thing that you didn’t see was the preparation that actually went into it. You got a little glimpse of it, but you really didn’t get to see it. So I think the preparation and just the nervousness beforehand is unmatched. It was crazy.
Was dancing something you always wanted to do?

Dancing was definitely not something I wanted to do. I never wanted to dance, but at the same time, dancing is something that is brand new to me and was something that was difficult. So I just thought I had to jump in and try it.
What was your first acting experience?

I was actually a kid. I was a Munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” in Atlanta. I guess I look like a Munchkin. That was my first professional job.
This time next year, we will be in middle school. Where do you see your musical career going in a year? Can you do a rap for us now?

I don’t want to do a rap for you guys now. But then you guys will have to wait for the album. Hopefully in a year, our music will be mainstream, so you guys can hear it on your radio station, or at the MTV music awards, all that.

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