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Kidsday interviews actress Miley Cyrus

We saw a preview of the new Miley Cyrus feature, "Hannah Montana the Movie," in Manhattan this week.

We really enjoyed it because Miley Cyrus was very funny and all of her co-stars on the TV show appeared in the movie.

The music was great because many of the songs had a positive message. Fans will enjoy the many new songs, in addition to her classics. It was funny how Miley tried to juggle both lives as Miley and Hannah, and, as usual, got herself into trouble.

Viewers get to see Miley's extended family for the first time. The movie's setting in her home state of Tennessee was beautiful. The movie included an appearance by Vanessa Williams, who played Hannah's publicist. Fans will also enjoy musical performances by Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. You also will see Tyra Banks as you've never seen her before! Heartthrob Lucas Till plays the object of Miley's affection.

We think fans will love the movie because of Miley's talents in singing, dancing, dramatic acting and comedy. "Hannah Montana" fans will especially like the twist at the end.

We highly recommend this movie. Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5.

On Wednesday, we interviewed Miley backstage at the "Rachael Ray" show in Manhattan! We asked her about her movie. We loved the "Hoe Down, Throw Down" scene. We asked her how long they took to learn it. Miley said, "We had like three days of learning it, so we had to learn it quickly, but I learned it within a day, and they taught all the other crew in two days."

The movie was very physical. We asked her about shooting those scenes. She said, "I did about 80 percent of my own stunts. . . . The scene with Tyra Banks], I did most of that.

We wanted more info on the fight scene with Tyra. We asked Miley if she was looking forward to it or if she was afraid. Miley said, "I was looking forward to it; I think it was fun. I was excited to work with Tyra. She is really sweet, but I think I got more afraid when I saw that she was 5 feet 11 inches and I am 5 feet 4 inches. That made me a little nervous."

We also wanted to know how it was working with her dad. She said: "It was fun. I am glad we worked on the show together first, because my dad is more used to doing drama, and I am more used to doing comedy, but it was fun. My dad was probably the only person who didn't learn the 'Hoe Down, Throw Down,' so I still have to teach him that."

Finally, we asked her which part she liked best -- being a singer, dramatic actor or a comedian in her film. She said, "I like doing the drama more, but probably the most challenging is a lot of physical stuff."

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