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Kidsday interviews actress Miranda Cosgrove

Actress Miranda Cosgrove with Kidsday reporters Rebecca Fregoe,

Actress Miranda Cosgrove with Kidsday reporters Rebecca Fregoe, Liam Higgins, Nicole Leonick and Cailey Cummings, all of Massapequa Park Photo Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

We met  Miranda Cosgrove, star of Nickelodeon’s TV show, “iCarly,” when she was in Manhattan recently.

Do you like all the cheering when you’re performing?

Yeah, when I’m performing onstage it’s so different from when I’m on the set — because we don’t have an audience on “iCarly.” It’s just this little sound stage, and it’s just the cast and the producers and stuff. So it’s real exciting being onstage and having people in front of you and being able to jump up and down and have the crowd jump with you.
What got you started in acting?

When I was 3, I was in a restaurant with my mom and dad, and an agent just asked them if I wanted to join their agency. And my mom was like, no, that’s weird, no thanks. And then she looked into it, and I ended up just trying it out, and I loved it. It’s kind of funny because I can’t see myself doing anything else, but in a way I just fell into it.
Do you think your next album will become double platinum?

I don’t know; I hope so. That would be awesome.
If you had a choice of acting or singing, which would you choose?

If I had to pick right now, I’m really into singing because it’s so new to me. It’s just such a cool experience.
If you had to do a duet with someone famous, who would you pick?

Shia LaBeouf, even though he doesn’t sing.
Do you get your song ideas from a real thing that happened or imaginary situations?

Sometimes, it’s things that happen to my friends. Like my friends will call me, and they’re like, oh, this happened in school today, or I really like this guy and this happened with him. And I’ll use that, but usually it’s something that happened to me. Like with “Kissing You,” the single, I wrote that about a guy I really like, and it’s about a real person.
What is your favorite song?

I like “Kissing You” a lot. That’s one of my favorites. I really like a song, “What Are You Waiting For?” It’s that feeling you get. This happened to one of my best friends, and it’s happened to me where you’ll have a best friend that you really like, and you can’t tell them. It’s like impossible to get it out and let them know. So that’s what that song’s about.

Balancing movies, “iCarly” and recording, how does schoolwork get done?

It’s probably the hardest thing finishing school work. Because I have a tutor on set and I don’t go to regular school. I have a tutor that I’ve had since I was 8 years old, and she helps me with all the subjects, and then I have a math tutor, too. I’m terrible in pre-calculus. It’s scary. I just have to do four hours of school every day on set, and then I go to film. So it’s hard to balance it all.
Who is your favorite actor or actress best friend?

I pretty much have met everybody on Disney and Nickelodeon that’s around my age just by going to events and stuff. I saw Justin Bieber yesterday. He’s really nice. Yeah, everyone’s really cool. It’s a nice group of people.
What is your favorite part about being a star and being on tour?

I love when people come up to me and talk about episodes they like about Carly or they say ‘oh, I love your song, I love this.’ I think that’s so sweet and ever since I started the show when I was 13 and now I’m 17, I still get just as excited when people come up to me.
Do you have friends that are in different bands?

Well, like I was saying, I just went to see Drake play. My best friend Katarina, she plays drums. She comes over my house all the time. She’ll play the drums, and I’ll play guitar, and we’ll come up with little songs. That’s pretty cool.

Since you are a role model to kids, who is your role model?
Thanks. My mom or Gwen Stefani because they’re so much alike. Just kidding. Gwen Stefani is awesome, I love her.
Who is your favorite on “iCarly,” and what is your favorite episode?
It’s so hard to pick my favorite character because, well, actually this season, Gibby , he’s a regular. So he’s in every episode, now. He’s really funny. He’s really great. And then Jerry , who plays my brother on the show; he is the best. He gave me my first driving lesson, and he’s totally crazy, so I love him. Everybody on the show is so much fun and Nathan  and Jeannette McCurdy] I go see movies all the time. We hang out. But my favorite episode is probably “I Saved Your Life” where Carly likes Freddy. That’s one of my favorites. I love the Halloween episode. I got to wear this crazy bug suit. That was one of the first episodes I did. I was 13, and I remember I had to walk around in that bug suit for a week, and it was so big, and I couldn’t get around anything. And Jerry kept grabbing the back because it had a stinger, because I was supposed to be a bumblebee. He kept grabbing it and spinning me in circles. So that was pretty fun.
What do you like better, your TV show “iCarly” or “Drake and Josh”?
It’s hard to pick because I don’t have any siblings. Drake and Josh are literally like my brothers. I just went to Drake’s concert in L.A., which was so fun to see him, and I see Josh all the time. I run into him at Yogurtland all the time. It’s pretty weird. I have seen him six times in Yogurtland in the last three months. And also, I run into him at the movies all the time. I feel like I’m stalking him. I see him everywhere. But, yeah, those guys are the best. I had a great time making that show. It’s just hard to pick between the two.
If you could star in a movie that already came out, what would it be?
“The Notebook.” I love “The Notebook,” I think that’s the best. And “Mean Girls,” I don’t know if you guys saw that.
Do you like being recognized in public?

I do. I love when people come up to me. Sometimes, I’ll be out to dinner with my friends or something, and like a cute boy will come up, and that’s only when my friends are into it, then they’ll like talk to the guy. I love it when kids come up, and just anybody. It’s cool, too, when parents say they don’t mind watching the show with their kids. It’s always nice.


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