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Kidsday interviews 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze

Wow, how did we get so lucky? On June 1, we interviewed Lee DeWyze, the amazing 2010 “American Idol” winner at Amalia’s Restaurant in Manhattan.

It was a day we will never forget! When we began our interview we were excited, astonished, and nervous all wrapped up in one. And, believe it or not, Lee said he was a little nervous too about meeting us. He told us that he spent the whole day doing interviews and we were his last one of the day.

We each asked Lee questions. Lee is a really nice guy and we had a lot in common. He was just like us growing up, he played baseball, his favorite fourth-grade memory is recess and his favorite subject was science (we all picked science as our favorite subject too).

Lee said that although many people, including Simon Cowell gave their opinions on his singing he would only focus on the positive. He added that is all you should ever focus on. He said that Simon may have sounded like he was being mean, but he was just trying to help him get better.

Our favorite part was getting to take pictures and getting the autograph of the new “American Idol” winner. We can’t wait to get Lee’s CD when it is finally released.

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