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Kidsday interviews Big Time Rush

We interviewed Nickelodeon TV and singing stars Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena and James Maslow, members of one of our favorite groups Big Time Rush while they were in Manhattan recently.

Carlos, do you like hockey?

Carlos: I love hockey. I was actually playing ice hockey this weekend with some friends and I had the best time ever so, but with no pads. You should never do that. I came to work sore the next day. So you should wear pads.
What’s your favorite part about being famous?

James: That’s an interesting question. Actually I don’t really like that term, it sounds arrogant. But it’s cool that now that we do have time to go out in the streets we have fans come up and say hi. We always get to stop and say hi, you get to make a kid’s day and honestly it makes us feel really happy to do that for people. We always want to say hi and sign stuff.
Kendall: We’re just really happy that you guys like the show.
Logan: And the music. Can’t wait for you guys to enjoy the music. It’s been like first and foremost on our heads and hearts. So can’t wait for you guys to hear it.
Do you ever get nervous performing in front of a live audience?

Logan: We get butterflies all the time, but I think it’s a good thing. We always say, if we’re not playing with butterflies, then something’s not right. Got to feel that little thing inside of me that goes OK we got to perform for everybody and get excited.
Kendall: A friend of mine told me that if you don’t feel that when you’re going on stage then you need to find a new job. You’re supposed to get nervous and get excited because there’s going to be a whole bunch of people you’re going to be singing for. It’s a real exciting thing and you’re thinking about what you’re going to do. That’s really what it is.
And also I don’t know it’s not bad being nervous or being out of your comfort zone. A lot of people are like ah, I don’t want to do that, I hate that feeling. But sometimes it’s good to explore things that you haven’t done before and just go for it. So that’s what we’re all about.

Do you guys like the girls that your characters like from the show?

Kendall: Love them!
James: They’re all very, very cool. But are we in relationships outside of the show, no.
Logan: We’re just good friends. Honestly, we just come in and we’re good friends.
What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

Logan: What’s your favorite thing when you’re not working? (asked of the kids)
Kids Answer: Go to our friend’s house.
Kendall: There you go!
Carlos: Us too.
Logan: I know whenever I’m off, whenever the seasons — we love to go snowboarding. That’s exciting.
James: I love to go to the beach as much as I can. I love surfing; just being out there. I grew up in a beach town, so it makes me feel like I’m at home.
Kendall: I play a lot of guitar.
Logan: Making music.
Carlos: I got a dog, so I hang out with my dog and it’s fun.
Kendall: I’m taking care of four dogs right now. I have like a whole bunch of puppies.
What is your favorite episode?

James: “Big Time Love Song.” I think it was our sixth episode, is still one of my favorites.
Kendall: "Any Kind of Guy,” is when we were all going after Jo.
Carlos: And then Kendall got her.
Who did you guys look up to as a role model when you were a kid?

Carlos: My dad is a big part of my life and I definitely look up to him and his success and I’m a working kid now, but I still go to him and get advice.
Kendall: There’s nothing like your parents for role models. I also have two older brothers so I really look up to my older brothers all the time. I usually don’t make any big decision without talking to them first.
James: We all have our celebrities we look up to in that regard in terms of acting. But I know we’re super close to family.
What is the real reason why Carlos always wears the helmet?
Carlos: Kids have something that they really hold on to, it’s kind of like his safety blanket. Like when things are about to go crazy, Kendall’s doing some skiing, he puts it on because it makes him feel safe.
James: He’s also the crazy one whenever he’s going to ride a bike or skateboard, and he’s going to crash, he’s already got it on. It makes it easier.
 How did you come up with the name Big Time Rush?
James: They’ve gone through a whole bunch of different names at first. Actually, originally the show was called “One for All’ and then when we shot the first pilot it was call “Brand New Day.” And then they couldn’t think of a name for like a year. It took years to make this. And they got to “Big Time.”
Carlos: And it was "Go Big Time."
James: It was “Come and Go Big Time.” And we were like ah not really and then we were sitting around and I think Carlos may have had the first idea. He was like “Rush”.
James: No I don’t like ‘Big Time Rush.” I think the creator Scott Fellows saw that written down and had that same idea. “Big Time Rush.”
Carlos: It was funny because once Scott said it, James goes “Yeah, that works.” I was like I told you an hour ago.
Logan: Well Rush because it’s like a play on a hockey term. It’s whenever you go for the goal and you rush; it’s kind of like what we do with our group and then with the show it’s kind of just go for it.
Carlos: We’re always in a Big Time Rush, no pun intended.
Why does Gustavo Stephen Kramer Glickman] call you Dogs?
Kendall: Because he wants to train us.
James: It’s his term of endearment. He actually really likes us, but he never wants to admit it. So it’s like when you like a girl, and you pick on her and you push her, and you actually like her. It’s kind of like the same thing. He thinks we’re really cool dudes, but he never wants to admit it, so he calls us Dogs and is kind of mean to us. But it’s his way of being endearing.
Carlos: He really wanted to come, but he couldn’t make it. He really wanted to be here.
James: His private jet wasn’t fueled in time.
What kind of music do you guys listen to?
Kendall: I like listening to rock music.
Carlos: I like Broadway music.
James: I like listening to acoustic rock, like Jack Johnson, John Mayer and all kinds of the oldies too.
Logan: I listen to more R&B than these guys do. But I like R&B, old school stuff. Everything honestly. If you have like old bands that your parents listen to every now and then you should seriously look into it. Because you’ll find some cool.
Kendall: I listen to the bands your parents listen too.
Carlos: AC/DC, the Beatles.
James: Not all of them. I’m not saying.
Kendall: A lot of these people in the pictures in this room are people who are fantastic musicians. We all like them.
Logan: It’s pretty rad to see that.
What else can you tell us about the girls on the show?
Kendall: Me and Katelyn Jo Taylor] have the same exact birthday. I just think that’s pretty cool. We relate on that level. We’re both Scorpios.
Logan: Her mom is really awesome. She takes a lot of pictures.
Carlos: I haven’t got a girlfriend yet. Maybe second season, who knows. But if I had a girlfriend second season, I think yeah, I would be totally friends with her. If I had one.


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